Why You Should NOT Bust The Windows Out His Car

If you are a millennial like myself (someone born between 1981-1997) it is safe to say that you have been through a breakup (or a few). Again, if you’re anything like myself in my earlier years these breakups would be accompanied by a pint of ice cream, a few good movies, and a playlist that could make the toughest of men cry.

You know it’s real when you start to delete the sweet texts, change the relationship status on Facebook, and delete the number (even though you know it by heart…it’s really psychological). Everything reminds you of this person and the good times you shared and then slowly but surely, you kinda just get over it. Your song comes on Pandora and you actually let it play all the way through without throwing stuff. You have even graduated a bit by unblocking them on all social media outlets. I must admit breakups are hard but manageable and in due time everything will be “back to normal” …whatever that is.

Ohhhhhh but then you have another type of breaker upper. We know her…and some of you are her (no judgement lol). She’ll cry with her girlfriends for a few days, Ben and Jerry will become confidants, Jazmine Sullivan’s Bust the Windows is her new anthem, but her goal is REVENGE. You know what they say, “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”.

So, now you’re plotting his demise all the while this fool is smiling from ear to ear (with his pretty teeth lol) on social media enjoying life….and you my friend?? You are miserable. I’m going to share 3 reasons why you should NOT bust the windows out his car (or any other property or bodily damage):

1)      If your response to a break up is breaking some stuff up, then the relationship probably wasn’t healthy in the first place. Hear me out…Most likely you saw some red flags in the relationship but you ignored them and now that everything has come to light you’re angry. You’re angry that you didn’t go with your gut feeling and now everyone must pay. There are levels to this (these are things I have seen and have not done lol). Let’s use cheating as an example.

You have the social media level. This includes a status, sometimes a pic too, which says something like “I hope yall happy together” or I can’t believe I wasted the best years of my life blah blah blah.

Then the next level is reaching out to all parties involved. Through your Inspector Gadget/Catfish investigation skills you find the other parties and you decide to let them know who they are dealing with.

The last level is the quiet storm. This lady will key the car, bust the windows, bleach the clothes, and send picture proof to anybody with a phone number and/or Facebook account…yikessss!

Listen, if this is your response you know goodness well you should have never been in it. Any man that takes you out of your character like that was never good for you. And any time you allow a situation to get that type of response out of you also lets us know you probably weren’t emotionally stable enough to be in the relationship in the first place. So in reality you shouldn’t be mad, you should be grateful.

2)      Reason number 2 why you shouldn’t bust the windows out his car is: BECAUSE YOU KNOW BETTER! You are beautiful, intelligent, fashionable, and classy…you know there are better ways to release your anger/hurt. I know the situation may have been rough but truth is, tearing stuff up will have you looking crazy and catching a case and aint nobody got time for that.

3)      Reason number 3 why you absolutely should not under any circumstances break up anything, is because you understand no one needs to have that much power over you. Let me explain. I get a good chuckle when I hear someone say, “Ugggggghhhhhh that make me so mad”. My internal response is, “how can someone MAKE you mad?”. Why does this person have the ability to alter your emotions and responses? Because you have a revelation of who you are, you also understand that no one deserves that much power.

After my breakup, working out became my best friend. I needed to release all that pressure. I didn’t take to social media, I didn’t dog him because he is a great man (which is why we were together in the first place), and I didn’t drown my sorrows in ice cream while listening to “Another Sad Love Song” x Toni Braxton. I read so many new books, I changed up my hair, I continued with life, but most of all I prayed. I know that sounds silly to some but I serve a God who can heal cancer. You mean to tell me you believe He can heal terminal illness but can’t fix a break up bahahahahahaha. Honey, the Lord got me all the way together at a 5 a.m. prayer. My ex and I are best friends and I didn’t tear up anything.

**BONUS** Ladies, stop dogging men after breakups because ultimately you look silly for choosing him. By dogging him you are revealing your lack of discernment and judgment of character. Wise women seek out accountability partners not sharing all over social media accounts.

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Coach Jaleesa