Who is Coach Jaleesa?

“Never mistake my present place for my permanent place." This single statement is an accurate summation of Jaleesa Robinson's life and business focus. 

 The eldest of three children, Jaleesa Roche’ Robinson grew up in the small city of Emporia, Virginia. She knew her only way to excel and grow was to pursue education. Her academic achievements and accolades did not come without hardship and struggle. Jaleesa would need to find her way and she did just that.

 Her mother always pushed her to work hard, do extracurricular activities and never allow circumstances to hold her back. These nuggets of wisdom led Jaleesa to graduate from Greensville County High School at the top of her class in 2008. She moved to Lynchburg, VA where her collegiate academic journey began at Liberty University. While attending college she worked full time, became a mentor to high school students and served as the dance leader at her church, The RAMP Church International under the leadership of Bishop S.Y. Younger.

Jaleesa graduated with her Bachelors of Science degree in Family and Child Development, double minor in psychology and sociology in September 2012. Shortly after receiving her degree, Jaleesa still found herself not working in her desired field. In order to make ends meet, she became a cashier at McDonald’s. She often laughs and says McDonald’s taught her more lessons than obtaining a Bachelor’s degree. This was a low place in Robinson’s life, a place where she would depend on food stamps to eat and sell plasma to keep gas in her car. Even though life was not what she had pictured as a college grad, Jaleesa did not give up. While working at the McDonald’s, Jaleesa completed a career studies certificate in Business Management from Central Virginia Community College.

 In 2014, Coach Jaleesa would start her Masters and also retrieve her first “big girl job” as an administrative assistant at a technical college. After struggling in fast food, Robinson was excited about making double digits in her hourly pay wage. While in this career she would complete her Master’s degree in Human Services-Life Coaching and eventually climb the corporate ladder. Jaleesa was making the most money she had ever made but still didn’t feel fulfilled. In her free time, Jaleesa would post thought provoking messages on social media and use the hashtag #CoachJaleesa. After reading the material her mentor asked her, “So what are you going to do with this #CoachJaleesa?”. In that moment, Coach Jaleesa was birthed. Jaleesa’s first event was a vision board party in Lynchburg, Virginia. After much success, the parties would gain interest in other cities and states. Coach Jaleesa used her new platform to raise awareness about issues facing millennials, specifically women.

Growing tired of working for someone else, in December 2015, Jaleesa decided to take a leap of faith. She quit her job to pursue coaching full time. Scared, but determined, Jaleesa began to make her gifts work for her. Without reservation the young entrepreneur booked vision board parties, hosted dance workshops, and spoke in churches and schools all over the country. Her most recent success is found in her nationwide tour, Before It’s Too Late, which raises awareness about violence and bullying in our schools. 

She writes of the lessons learned along her journey in her blog, formally known as Saved, Single, and Successful, which has over 22,000 readers to date. After marrying the love of her life, Mr. Brandon Robinson in March 2017, she renamed the blog, "Happy Wife, Happy Life".  

In every event, video, blog, or speech Jaleesa's life mission is to touch lives through her story and empower those who cross her path, and she’s just getting started.