How do you work this thing?

So I've been dragging my feet to get this done for a while. My hands are pretty full with school, ministry, and a business but I hear this is therapeutic so here we go...I get told a lot that I say things that other people want to say but can't (that gets me in trouble sometimes teheheheehe).

My blog will be no different...I want to talk about everything but of course we're keeping it classy here. My main themes are my 3 S's. SAVED, SINGLE, and SUCCESSFUL. I'll be happy to address certain things as interest arises but most of all I just want to be real. I do not promise to blog everyday but once a week will probably be more of my speed lol.

Just in case you don't know is a quick overview: 25 year old entrepreneur, I love the Lord, working on a Ph.D, and really just trying to make my print in this world. That's the short version but you'll learn more as we go.

I'm only interested in being positive and transparent. I may consider a vlog to accompany this...but we'll see. Thanks for clicking the link :-) This may be kinda dope after all

-Coach Jaleesa