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I hope everyone is having a great day so far! Now, let’s get to it. The NBA finals are over and the Warriors took a “L” in a very close game to King James and the Cavs. Chile, I was clutching my pearls the whole game. It was so close!

In the beginning, the series looked as if Steph Curry and the Warriors would bring the title back home for a second time. After game 6, the Warrior fans weren’t so sure anymore. No one in NBA history had ever come back from 3-1 in the finals and win the whole thing. It was sooooo unbelievable that Ayesha Curry, wife of Warriors’ Star Steph Curry decided to tweet about it. 

Well, there were a few people that didn’t take kindly to Mrs. Curry’s view on this matter. Some among the opposing view was Stephen A. Smith, co-host of ESPN’s First Take. Here were his words:

“If that was Savannah, LeBron’s wife, if that were Gloria, LeBron’s mother, what would we be saying? LeBron James has a mom and has a wife and has kids, great guy, an even greater ambassador of the game of basketball than Steph Curry because he’s done it over the test of time, a wonderful beautiful father, and I got news for you: As beautiful as everybody wants to say Ayesha Curry is—and she is—Savannah is something special. I’m here to tell you something right now. Ain’t a man alive, particularly a black man, that’s going to look at LeBron’s wife and not say that that woman's gorgeous. She’s wonderful inside and out. She sits there and she doesn’t bring any attention to herself. She never tweets and goes out there and calls out the league and stuff like that and nobody is more scrutinized than her husband. But yet, she thinks about how she represents him, and as a result, she doesn’t do that.”

There were more words exchanged, blah blah blah, you get the point. Some suggested that Ayesha needed to “stay in her place”, some argued that she did the right thing. How do we as outspoken, articulate, educated women sit back and not say something when we are affected? Let’s talk!

I’m going to present both sides. Feel free to share which side you agree with and why.


I have never been married so my views on this may be a little off. Married ladies, if I’m wrong please correct me. One day I desire to be Mrs. _______________ and please believe that my man will be in a position of power. In my mind power attracts power lol so I’m speaking it. There will be days when bae comes home and he will vent about all the things that went wrong and how Connie in production is inadequate and how Joe steals coffee cups, etc. In that moment, it is not my job to put on my counseling hat and dissect the issues but merely, to listen and console while probably rubbing his back. Our men don’t need us to defend them. Our men need/want us to listen, support, pray, and sit pretty lol (most of them anyway).

Before I go any deeper in this subject matter let it be known I am #TeamCurry I love Steph and what he represents and I love Ayesha and how she rides for her man. Their children are breathtaking and they all seem to be great people.

Ok, back to my point. Here is the issue with Ayesha’s tweet. Yes, she was heated! Yes, she was upset! And yes, she is human. However, when you are a powerful woman like Ayesha and the women who are reading this blog you have to understand the influence you have.  This beautiful wife and mother of 2 princesses spoke against the very entity that pays her bills. The same group that named her husband MVP. Now, it’s rigged all of a sudden when Steph is not showing up on the court. I love Steph but I was very disappointed by his finals performance.

When you have power you understand the weight of your words and that people listen when you speak. When you are powerful you understand that you are being watched and judged for everything you say, do, and tweet. Was Ayesha wrong for being upset? Absolutely not! Could she have vented to her family or even Steph later? Maybe. Did she do more damage than good? Possibly lol.
           “Staying In Your Place” is not being dumb or not having an opinion. This position is not one of weakness but humility. This “place” is making sure that you don’t make it hard for your man no matter how strongly you feel about it. It takes a stronger person to bite their tongue, fools always make noise (not calling her a fool). So Mrs. Curry I understand you are a ride or die but uuuummmmm boo, just ride quietly while your man drives lol.

I Won’t Be Silent

On the other hand, there are some who say Ayesha did what any woman would do. “Right or wrong, she has an opinion and if Steph ain’t tripping nobody else matters”. That was one of the arguments I heard.  My sister in Christ, Charity Israel, who is another beautiful, articulate, and outspoken woman responded to my question I posted on Facebook with the below response. I agree with this viewpoint as well!

We live in a world where Beyonce can write music that alludes that her husband is a cheater (it could be just music but…*sips tea*). And the response is “good for her”, “yes Beyyyyyyy”, and “Speak your mind, Queen”. But when a woman, in a heated moment tweets something, deletes it, and apologizes, she is wrong, disrespectful and needs to stay in her lane.

One of the greatest gifts we have is our voice. We have the ability to calm the inner rage of our men (speaking to the married folk lol), the ability to soothe a cranky baby, and the know how and tenacity to command a room if needed. Quiet? For what?

Ayesha was not trying to bring anything against her man, she was simply an upset NBA wife who had a moment and 140 twitter characters to spare.

My thoughts:

Just because you have an opinion does not mean you have to always share it. I could be the smartest person in the room, but I may choose to smile and nod while others talk and flex their intellectual muscles. It doesn’t make me silly, it makes me wise. A wise woman knows when to speak and when to be silent. She knows that she is a representation of her family and her actions directly affect them. She thinks before she speaks, acts, and tweets (just poking fun lol). She never wants to embarrass, emasculate, or intimidate. Don’t get it twisted, she is not a “yes man (woman)”. She has an opinion and will voice it if asked or needed. She is not a puppet either. She just chooses her battles.

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